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Users with a dark theme get a 'white flash' when starting Firefox. Obviously the initial default theme before the dark theme takes effect. Can the default start screen be dark (and change to light if necessary)?

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Yes, please get rid of the white flashes. It hurts so currently I just look away until the flashing stops.

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The white flashes are horrible, agreed.  There must be a simple work around.  Hoping for that.


Making moves

must have!

what i did with my websites is to set the background per inline css in my html file to black and then changin' it per fade-in to white or the current enabled theme, doesn't flash & much easier on the eyes ❤️

don't know why it isn't already a feature..

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White flash (blank window) at startup. Annoying in dark mode 😞

Every new window.
Probably slower loading cause of add-ons.
People discuss this for years (!) Please fix it.
Seems it could be easy thing.

Even change to "black flash" (for dark mode users) would be better...

Familiar face

Prevent white flash

If you're like me, you love the dark themes on sites and stuff, and hate the bright white.

If you're like me, you hate that when you click a search link, for example in Bing, there is always a white flash, the whole page becomes white for a second and then i get in the site which is when the extension "dark reader" turns the page darker.

I think it would be really nice if there was a way to prevent these white flashes when you use a dark theme.

One way could be to make a fade-in option, if the page is all white, fade in for 2 seconds, that would be enough to be redirected and not be flashed.

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It has been like this up to now, why still no change😕