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Status: New idea

I hate keeping my inbox thread view expanded because I feel it just clutters it up, but I end up missing emails because of not noticing that an email has come in to a collapsed email chain. Is there anyway to keep my inbox thread view collapsed, but when someone replies to that email chain have it open up to expanded view? Or if anything have the top email bolded. When a new email comes in the top email actually doesn't get bolded so there is no way of seeing what email is new unless you expand the chain.

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

This discussion describes how to customize the message header view. Scroll down to see how to bold a collapsed thread with an unread emails.

I agree, this should be the default - but at least we can do it for ourselves.

New member

I totally agree.  I miss new emails all the time because they are buried within a chain.  I would like to see it either having the email chain expand (or show the new entries only, in addition to top entry) or bold or otherwise indicate that there are new hidden emails in the chain.