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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Thunderbird has the provision for local mailing lists, i.e., groups of emails in the local address books. When these are entered as recipients in a email one composes, they can be expanded to the individual emails by right-mouse clicking.

However, I often want to check the participants of such mailing lists as well as the used email addresses of individuals. The latter is related to the fact that I communicate with many participants using different emails depending on project or topic, thus depending on the email I am writing I want to use a specific address from their Contact card.

Thus, it would be great if such local mailing lists could be displayed expanded, e.g., via a configuration setting.

In an optimal world, every mailing list in the recipient lists would then be shown expanded in the compose window and marked, for instance, by a joint background color of all contained addresses. One could then edit the individual addresses as necessary and eventually the email is send to the updated list as, uhm, a list.

Also, a keyboard shortcut for expanding/collapsing the mailing lists could be very nice.

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