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Making moves
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Just as simple as the title says — an option to only show the bookmarks bar when the toolbar is hovered. Maybe show the default bookmark bar show/hide animation to make it more logical and eye-pleasing.



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I would like a function/option that the toolbar will automatically be shown when the address bar is selected.

I often use ctrl-L to select the address bar but the toolbar is only shown on a new tab.

Strollin' around

Edge has a similar function when viewing a PDF file. You can toggle auto-hide for the toolbar by selecting the gear icon > Pin toolbar. I
The height of laptop screens is limited, especially for those who use 13' laptops, so every wasted pixel matters (and already websites waste a lot of them).
Come on Firefox team, do it before anyone else. Like the good old times...

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Automatically Hide Bookmarks Toolbar

Good day,

Add a setting to “Automatically hide the bookmarks toolbar” similar to Windows taskbar setting “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode”

Taking a full-screen capture is preferred not to include the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Although the Bookmarks toolbar is required thereafter to open another program. Deselecting the bookmarks toolbar using Ctrl‑Shift-B between screen captures is tedious.

An Idea: With the bookmarks toolbar deselected, moving the mouse closer to the url-address ‘bar’ the bookmarks toolbar is displayed and keeps on displaying while the mouse is over it

>> a link can then be selected and the bookmarks toolbar will not be visible thereafter

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(Note: a similar idea has been merged into this thread)

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Came here looking for this.  I use Firefox for home and work, and login using the same Firefox account. For work, I'll often give demos using the browser, and my personal bookmarks show up until I hide them.  It would be really cool to have those not show, but instead be mouseover or toggleable with a hotkey.