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i use Thunderbird since Mandrake's start / Win95 (early or past in this time) where have start TB at developing looking on.. in the first Releases and build up my own portable Thunderbird Stabile with an Exefile builder (look in my ) at moment.. now was it so, i have become with to was build up an Mail-Check Program with the Name PopPepper and have give many ideas include Antisam Blacklist and Whitelist ideas how it could works in the past Forum from Poppepper, then was killed the old forum and later was builded the Poppepper as Commercial program with the PopPepperPro"Plus" with even these ideas wihere i have give in a longlong text Post .. suuper, i have to pay for my own ideas for the implementation.. and in the past old forum was speak about to be all Open, they have lay in the old forum where's no more exist...

So, my idea, check out Pop Pepper MailChecker from Esumsoft and implement even these Antispam include the Black and Whitelisting of mailadresses and Tags/catchword and other possibility's.

Today is so many Spam on the way where must easy exist a good filter where is more variable like it is at moment in Thunderbird..and a Domainchecker with different checks of the sended Domains also over IP==Name, like something:



IP ?


Domain whois checker

wo have today Chat-GPT 4.0 so, why not bulded in add Automatism Mail Sender Check + Antispam + ,+,+
but only using at the Mailcheck for antispam, and not more.. but i know, it is builded in will it used by all other things too, so...hmmm...... my question, it is intelligent to build in Chat-GPT at all ?

There bait the dog in the Tail...

In any Case must be built in a more better Antispam with more modern possibility's where it is today possible to check automatic the sender and don't trust less in Spamhouse and co.. because
they Blacklist what they want..
As example, i want/have make my own Mailserver in the Basement, but i be at Vodafone and all who use at Fritz!Box a dyndns Provider and use a not registered domain/IP at Vodafone is automatically by dyndns Blacklistet at Spamhouse and can't deblacklisting by self, because these dynamic bundled IP's be owned by Vodafone.
So if you have a own small PC-Server or ARM-Server at the net over a Dyndns at Vodafone, have you a Problem if you make your own webserver .. Even this over who is and dns-mapping check should be able to check if the mail coming from the same domain and ip, so be able to filter Mailspoofing Mail or like it named, so emulated "From:" adress.. i become at moment mails from "my" domain, but in the Mailheader is a total other Mailserver IP specified/stated if i look on the Mailheader at source in the mail.

There should be a ISO/EN in the Mailheader where specified strict, from where, from which IP is coming the Mail.. is there to mutch in the mailheader is asking the Mail owner if this mail allow in future.. as example..
But i know also the Problematic of the Mail header and so on... 😕 but the Mailspoofing must be stoped .. in one or other way..

so, best greetings to the Mozilla & Thunderbird Community