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I have 117ish tabs open because I'm approaching antiquity, something of a slob, a bit of a hoarder, need to have reminders for the rabbit-holes I plumb, and I find the Bookmarks cumbersome. Firefox doesn't seem to bog down under the load, which is great.

How about this:
Rig the Tabs function to accommodate two or three levels. Along with the New Tab button, make a button to open a Tab Drawer, which can be named and would always be visible. Related tabs could then be dragged and dropped into the relevant Tab Drawer, and the Tab Drawers can be dragged to arrange them among exposed tabs on the Tab Bar. Tab Drawers could contain Tab Drawers to create one or two sublevels. (Even one-level tab grouping would be a huge improvement.)

Opening a Drawer would be by clicking on it; this would open a drop-down menu of the contents. Selecting a tab in a Drawer would open a that tab next to the drawer; selecting a Drawer would The right-click menu for the Drawer could include options for Open Drawer in New Window and Open All These Tabs and Drawers in One New Window. As the user would be navigating from the tab bar and using this format would simplify mousing, the drop-down menus would not be too much of an intrusion.

As an example, I could have Tab Drawers to collect the 17 recipe tabs I have open, or the six peculiar Ebay search pages I keep, the twelve crossword and game tabs I visit regularly, the eight or so YouTube tabs I maintain and the multitude of medical, banking, utility and governmental tabs I need for logging in more often than I'd prefer. And it would be nice to have a Drawer for the tabs I have for online shopping; opening them all in a new window would be useful.

Such an interface would keep tabs in the tab function, keep the mousing associated wit tabs consistent, and provide some of the advantages of Pocket within tabs.

I don't know jack doe about coding or what bugs could possibly arise from such a feature, but this seems a reasonable approach to the problem of tab grouping. It keeps tabs as they are (It might require a few more vertical pixels so Drawers could be outlined for visibility), and allows one to fine-tune their use in a manner similar to using other features on Firefox. It doesn't require a new window that takes up space on the desktop as some of the current add-ons do, and it would simplify mousing by eliminating zig-zags.

Does this seem reasonable and possible? I'd do it myself, but I can't.

Thank you.

Windows 10, Firefox v. 124.0.2

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