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Status: New idea

I have 10 email accounts in Thunderbird. When I click on Inbox in any account I want the newest (bolded) message to automatically appear at the bottom of the list of messages for that account. Right now, the  message that is selected (out of dozens) appears randomly, anywhere in the list. It's then annoying to have to drag the scroll slider down to the bottom to expose the newest messages. So far I can find no setting to make this happen. Maybe it exists, but I can't identify it. Otherwise, T-bird works well for me - it's been my email client for at least 10 years.

Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves

This should be reclassified as a bug, not a new idea. It used to work like he "suggests", but with the last update, it was broken. There are multiple new bug reports about this also, see 

I found this post by searching for posts about this annoying bug because it affects me too and I was searching for any info about progress of fixing this.