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In an effort to keep safe, I find myself frequently going back through [Manage Data] & manually deleting all of the cookies I know I don't want to keep, but keeping the ones I do need, or consider "safe" (or "necessary"), so I don't have to keep login-in into these sites & keep the data needed from them to continue working smoothly (from session to session). If there was a [button-1], on [Manage Data], to say "remember these cookies" or basically, your "necessary set", you could then, with the click of another [button-2] delete all of the unnecessary cookies, blindly, whether you know what they are or not, that are not part of your "necessary set" - I manually do this all of the time. If we could automate this, that would be awesome. [button-1] could be called [Remember Safe (or Necessary) Cookies] & [button-2] could be called [Delete Unsafe (or Unnecessary) Cookies] - a definite "time saver".

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