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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Using bookmarks on mobile is pretty annoying. Your options are: 1) using uncustomizable shortcuts; 2) using the (...) menu to open bookmarks and 3) pin "latest bookmarks" to homepage and click "show all". Option 1 is pretty much out of the question if you use a lot of bookmarks and/or need folders; Options 2 and 3 have you clicking a lot to get to the bookmarks toolbar, which is extremely annoying.

Also, adding something to bookmarks on mobile, doesn't bring up the menu to choose where it ends up, and doesn't have a way to set up a default location, which forces me to then go into the bookmarks menu and manually move them. Having a default location option and the desktop-style bookmarking menu would be much appreciated.

I suggest an option for the current bookmarks widget or a new widget altogether for the homepage, that would just allow you to pin a bookmark folder (Bookmarks\Desktop\Bookmarks Toolbar in my case). Widgets usually have limited space, so I suggest having an arrow/show all button that will expand to show the whole folder (and you should have the option to have it expanded by default). Also, preferably in a list format rather than tiles with thumbnails.

Alternatively add a bookmarks menu to the tab button menu, but this way the whole homepage is just wasted space for me, so I would prefer the former option.

New member

... and those three only please! No "recent" stuff added - PLEASE!

Strollin' around

right now especially on mobile is super annoying the use fo bookmarks, please add this option, I don't think is that difficult… even the safari have this.

New member

Mobile Chrome can do this easily, but Firefox can't even do this simple thing. In the end, market share does not lie.