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The browser today is almost an operating system within another operating system. All manufacturers have been trying to please their users by implementing various features. The problem occurs when this is done in a disorderly manner, with many niche features being delivered to all users, taking up time for those who do not want those features to disable them. I like the clean way Firefox has remained in this frenzy, but there is room for change, to please all the chickens by serving the same corn, making the user's life easier and more personalized without making the browser bloated.

The idea would be that Firefox, at the time of installation, first use, or at a user's choice moment, would give the user the option to choose which features will be available on that device, installation, or profile. The user would have on their screen selection boxes with options of features that they may want to use and their information, with a pre-selection already made of the default options. Going from the basic browser with almost only the engine and the address bar to the complete experience with everything possible. In addition, there would be an easily accessible option to redo this configuration at any time.

The implementation could follow the model of extensions, like Firefox Translations, Side View, or Firefox Containers. These are projects that are already underway and maintained by Mozilla! For this implementation, this work should be intensified. Ideally, of course, developers we love so much would think of ways that go beyond simple extensions. Toolbar customization almost does this by allowing you to add or remove features from the toolbar by dragging icons, but this is not enough!

To the user, the advantage would be the facilitation of customization, making the browser a hub for work, entertainment, shopping of their choice, without getting irritated with icons or features they didn't ask for. Having access in Firefox to all the necessary tools for their web day, regardless of their usage style. Breaking the need for using an alternative browser.

The advantage to Mozilla would be tremendous, facilitating the implementation of new features, and their removal without dealing with so much user resistance, thus retaining existing users. It would reach a mass of users looking for that specific functionality of that specific browser that Mozilla may not implement with speed due to greater care for the final product. Establishment of commercial partnerships with sponsors by implementing sponsored features, such as price analyzers, shortcuts, specific sponsorship things.

All of these ideas on Connect asking for the implementation of features from other browsers cannot be fulfilled without making the browser bloated, like the others are. So the way to work around this is to make these features available if the user desires, without delivering them to the existing user who is satisfied with the way the browser works. And Firefox should make available several features, if not possible to be made by the community, than it can be mantained by Mozilla itself making available a wide variety of functionalities, for all tastes and needs when browsing the web. I like my browser clean, but some folks don't.

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