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Status: In review

Just like how we used to be able to select "compact."

I understand that more and more people are using vertically oriented devices like phones and tablets, but there is still a huge market share of users on desktop devices, and with the market saturated by widescreen displays, taking up vertical space while having 4 inches of white space on the left and right side of practically every website makes no sense.

I switch between Firefox and Opera because I really enjoy the sidebar that Opera has as it makes much more efficient use of screen real estate.

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Right-click on title bar or any toolbar button, click Customize toolbar..., click Density and change as you prefer. Compact is hidden as (for some reason) it has become unsupported from a certain update so to enable it do as explained here, I did and works >

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Many users have criticized the current Firefox UI for not being suitable for mouses, but for some reason it has not been improved. See also: Allow resizing of the UI

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I don't understand why letting Compact option available (despite to enable it you need to know the technical workaround) while hidden on Density button of Customize toolbar..., looks like it was hell hard to simply let it there 😈🤣.

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I think this ticket is concerning a topic different from "compact mode". Phones are mentioned here so this ticket is probably about the mobile Firefox. In mobile Firefox, there is no way to customize the UI density  independent of OS setting and definitely no density setting for give-me-more-vertical-space-when-screen-in-landscape-mode.

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@Luca_PavanMaybe because it is a feature that is planned to be discontinued. See

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Bookmark vertical spacing is now huge, i have hundreds of bookmarks. Plz set "compact mode" option. (Desktop user)

Firefox version: 102.3.0esr (64bits)

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Toolbar customization

It would be great to have smaller toolbar and tab bar like Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Because sometimes it just get in the way of website and it looks fat and ugly.

Please consider this.


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Having finally replaced Waterfox Classic with Firefox 106, I notice that Firefox is a bit more space-hungry. I have the menu bar enabled, and bookmarks in the menu bar to conserve space, and the bookmarks bar is now taller than before. The tab bar is also taller. This is on dual 1920×1200 24″ so I am not especially low on space, but it’s a little sad that you can’t streamline the UI a bit more. Screenshot for reference:

Waterfox Classic vs Firefox 106.png

Personally I am not looking to see any specific changes to the layout, although it would be nice to have proper tabs back as the new tabs are visually weird and can lead to confusion for less-technically-minded folk. I just feel that it would be good to have the layout a bit more compact, not least for all the folk stuck on the ghastly contrivances that are modern laptops with their pitifully small 16:9 screens. (All very well having 1920×1080 in 14″ but you lose a lot of that space when you ramp up the display scaling to compensate for the squinty-small pixels.)

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Interface size or resize UI

Now we are bigger window interface then other browsers.
So if you can make title bar (1st screen) and instrument panel bar (2nd screen) smaller. It is too big for comfortable browsing.



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I recently came across the Min browser ( ) and i have to say that i would love to have their UI for tabs/URL bar available in Firefox as a "compact mode".

They've combined the URL bar and the Tabs bar all into one in a very simple and functional way.

We can think that they moved all URL bar buttons into the tab bar (Back/forward, refresh, menu, etc) and then they've gone away with the URL bar.

How do we get it?
Either by shortcut Ctrl+L or simply by Double-Click a tab and it brings up the URL bar of that tab.

Naturally this could not be the default GUI on Firefox, but for those who want a "Compact mode" i think this would be absolutely great!Combined URL bar and Tab's bar as compact modeCombined URL bar and Tab's bar as compact mode

It does save a lot of vertical space!!! 🙂