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Status: New idea

I want to create my own Add-on for personal use. In Firefox   developer edition is it possible to create and use your own Add-on by disableing the flag: xpinstall.signatures.required.

However, this is not possible with the stable version of Firefox  . (except with: about:debugging, but that is not precistant.)

I suggest allowing users to disable xpinstall.signatures.required in the stable version of Firefox .

Optionally: to reduce abuse of this system; allow the user to specify a key in the browser that he has to match in the manifest file of the Add-on(s). However, because of the dificulty of finding the option to install Add-ons using a file in the developer edition; I think that this is totally over due.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Making moves

If it helps, I believe this is possible in ESR - which in a sense is the "more stable stable" version of FF.