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Status: New idea

1. In Firefox, the Bookmarks toolbar appears to have one default font/icon size, and it's rather small and unattractive.

By contrast, Chrome's default is a larger and more attractive display.

Ideally Firefox would allow users to customize font size (or implement an option for auto-sizing, so that a certain number of toolbar bookmarks would fill the full toolbar width).

*This is another place where with added customization options, Firefox could easily be more competitive with other browsers.*

2. Notice too that Chrome allows users to customize the home page image, whereas Firefox does not. This would be a simple, super nice upgrade.

New member

Lots of people want this Firefox change.    Is there any indication of when, or if, it will be worked on?

New member

Don't remember where I found this, but give it a try. - Works for me, but seems to revert each time there's a new FF update, which makes me crazy...

  1. In FF address line, type in: about:config
  2. Accept the warning
  3. When that opens, type devp in the search box
  4. The default setting is -1
  5. Click the pencil icon on the right end of that line and change it to something like 1 or 1.5 (without the minus sign!). You can change this setting in increments until you find one that works for you. I prefer 1.5.

Firefox pixel size.jpg

Done! But as I said, when you install the next FF update, be prepared to change devp again.

Hope this works for you all...