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Making moves
Status: New idea

Just as there is the option "Allow screenshots in private mode", I would like to also have an option to allow Copy in private mode.
I just copied something, quit Firefox, only to find out my Clipboard was empty.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Hi @saf , I just tested this flow which seems to work fine:

- Open a private window

- Copy test on a website

- Close Firefox

- Paste

Can you clarify your flow and provide detalis on the system you're on please?

Making moves

I'm sorry, it seems the problem is with Google keyboard: you can paste fine, but this keyboard gives as hint (before you start typing anything) a previous copied info, and also in the history of copied items of the keyboard (if you have it enabled) it doesn't appear. But this behaviour doesn't happen when copying from non private window, so there is an improvement to make.



We use the incognito/private mode if the keyboard supports it. I get the same behavior in Chrome in incognito mode. The thing Focus is missing is Fill link from clipboard.

New member

The problem also appears when I try to copy the text I typed into a text box, e.g. on a forum (if I want to edit it before posting, for example, or simply have a copy in case Firefox reloads while I'm writing the comment).

I can't copy the text I just wrote! This is utterly ridiculous. Please fix it.

It's also a huge accessibility issue. Sometimes I need extra time to write something, and I need to copy/paste to continue writing at a later time.

Firefox for Android doesn't allow that by disabling copying from text boxes in private tabs.