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Status: New idea

Feature Request Feedback for Firefox Android

1. Please add an option for copying & sharing link URLs directly from the address bar like Chrome.

2. Please add an option for sharing URLs as QR (like the Brave Browser)

(N.B. In Firefox there's is already an option for scanning QR, which is good).

Thank You😊

Strollin' around

Isn't Share already available on Menu? Left side of Reload button.

For nr. 1. After pressing Share on menu, I presented with Copy to Clipboard and others things registered to Android device we can Share to

For nr. 2. I have Binary Eye app installed. With Share, I could just send a page to that app to produce a QR. Well, I guess doesn't hurt to have this built in.

On Chrome or Chromium variants, we need to hold press the address bar to have access to, well Share button. Felt just same to go to Menu for me.

Just IMHO.

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Just look at the difference between Brave & Firefox's. Brave also has the option to copy links via memu i.e. 3 dot button. Despite that they have deliberately added the options like copy & share at the address bas. I think it's quite convenient to have such extra feature on the address.

I personally would prefer it to have it on the address bar on Firefox too, as I always have a tendency to click on the address bar to copy the links.


And for in-built QR I think having it will be great, not depending on any other third party app. As it already has an option to scan QR then why not have the in-built option to generate QR?

Community Manager
Community Manager

hey, quick heads up that there is already a separate idea/thread for generating a QR code:

Include a QR code generator 

Be sure to vote and add your input there 🙌

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