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Making moves
Status: New idea

I am a person who cares about privacy protection, and I very much hope that you will enhance your fingerprint protection as soon as possible. I found out in your website about fingerprint protection on Firefox that your fingerprint protection is not strong enough. I'd like to see a couple of browser fingerprint blocks added, in addition to canvas, font and WebGL and WebGPU and AudioContext and clientRects. Also, I would like Mozilla to protect these browser fingerprints by randomizing them, rather than banning them outright, because there is a chance that they will cause exceptions. And my time zone font and so on, should be randomized instead of just fixed to a value or blocked from website detection. Finally, don't limit the window size, after turning on fingerprint protection, you can't maximize the browser when you start it, which is very uncomfortable

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Firefox's protection against fingerprinting customize this article by way of example

How do I enable or disable this protection?
Currently, Fingerprinting Protection is an experimental feature enabled by a confirmation flag set in about:config. It can also be enabled by Web Extensions.

An illustration

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If you'd like to test

Removing Tor Browser from your system is simple

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Making moves

@Agentvirtuel I know how to turn on fingerprint protection, but I want to improve it, and I sometimes use Tor browser, but the internet speed is too slow, so I usually don't use it. After turning on fingerprint protection, you can't start browser maximization, this is because Firefox fingerprint protection is by reducing the uniqueness of the fingerprint, but in the wrong direction, you can consider randomizing the fingerprint, which can play a better role in protection. I used four fingerprint protection plugins to randomize canvas and font and audioContext and WebGL, and the experience was very good, and there was no pop-up of image captcha, which would not affect the daily browsing experience, so I hoped that Firefox would have these features so that I didn't have to look for fingerprint protection extensions myself. Firefox is a privacy-focused browser, so it should have better fingerprint protection.