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Status: New idea

I sort my emails with the last one on top in all maps. But if I use the conversation view, I see the oldest one only and have to open the list to find the recent one. This is so annoying that I tend to use the conversation view at all. The order should be recent at top en the oldest below, or I should have an option to arrange this myself.
Thanks to anyone who can add this option for me


Status changed to: New idea
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Making moves


This mandatory Conversation grouping  is hiding unopened emails, including VERY IMPORTANT emails.

It must become a selected option, not a default feature.

It causes me to miss emails FROM MY ATTORNEY.

Who has their head in the dark with this feature?

New member

Threading(grouping) emails (conversation) need to by option, not to be by default.
It cost me a lot of headaches every day. 1 hour I can not find any normal workable explanation how to remove it

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Dear Markin Idaho and Prometey,

You come up with a different question than the one for which I started this conversation. Please start your own treat next time.
Conversations can be disabled after a bit of searching in the menu: go to 'View' (beeld) and then "sort as" (sorteren als) and there you find the choice between conversations and no conversations.
I disabled "conversations" because of the wrong order that hides everything new. And that is MY question, "how to have conversations with the newest at the top"

And please don't indicate that the problem of this treat is solved, because your problem is solved now.