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I hate the new print dialogue that was introduced a while ago. Even though I have print.tab_modal.enabled = false ,configured. some recent update is completely ignoring that.

I really need to be able to either print selection or a range of pages. The new fancy looking print dialogue does not have the ability to say I only want to print 1 page


Hi, these options exist but are actually in completely different sections of the panel.

(1) Page Range

You probably noticed that the "Pages" control defaults to All. If you click that and choose Custom, Firefox opens a field to enter your preferred page range.

(2) Selection

When Firefox detects a selection in the document, it adds a "Format" section to the settings, near the bottom. You can have that pre-selected if you call up print by using right-click > Print Selection.

Screenshot composite for reference:


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Thanks to the OP for raising these issues. I don't mind the new(ish) interface but do think that it needs tweaking.

The Page number is a significant bugbear for me. I really would like a "Page one only" option as this is by far the most common. Odd/even should be considered custom options. I don't think this section needs to be a drop-down list - there is plenty of space to put all the options listed. (The over abundance of space is another issue, too spread out, too much blank space, I don't understand why all the features can't be visible in a single panel).

Looking at this thread I have discovered for the first time the "Format" box as shown in the third image. This is an essential choice when printing, and should be right at the top and fully visible without clicking anything else.