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Add profiles in about:firefoxview

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=> about:profiles  ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @hokiso1107! Thanks for the request -- going to move it to the Ideas board where feature requests/enhancements and new product ideas go. And to clarify, are you asking for profiles to be added to the Firefox View feature, or?

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@Anonymous about:firefoxview is the Firefox View tab pinned to the left of the tab bar. It's *always* open, no need to type to open it (FWIW, this is why I'm here too, I currently use firefox -P to launch different profiles).

@Jon Since @hokiso1107 didn't answer, I'll answer in their place: I'm requesting firefox profiles to be surfaced in the Firefox View tab, as well as *the ability* to do so in the New Tab Page (via userchrome.js or other method). I've been looking at Firefox Profile Switcher extension and disliking that it needs a native program (regardless of knowing what it does, I don't need more background processes, especially not those with "the ability to manipulate the browser folders")