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Hello, this suggestion applies to business situations where users need to switch workstations a lot.

We push new versions of Firefox via GPO now and again, but do not have time to add every version. Also, keeping FF updated this way is dependent on users shutting down their machines at the end of every shift for an automatic install to apply on next startup. This is often not the case and we cannot enforce a policy that forcefully shuts computers off, there might be installation issues etc.

Because of this, when a user moves to a workstation with a lesser FF version, they are met with a dialog asking them to create a new profile or exit. Sometimes there's no tech staff on duty, and they have no other alternative than to create a new profile, loose all their shortcuts, settings and other stored state. And to add insult to injury, this new blank account is used even if they were to update themselves or move to another workstation with an up to date version. This results in very unhappy users.

It would be very helpful if the old version dialog could also give the option to try to update and keep the existing profile.

Maybe the Mozilla Maintenance Service could be utilized for this purpose, triggering it to do a manual update as a logon script? Right now that does not seem possible, it cannot be started, exits with event 7023 for me, even though I think I comply with all the listed requirements.

Any suggestions on workarounds are also welcome!

Best regards


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