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Status: New idea

I found this is really annoying when I use Firefox in my iPhone and my Android tablet.

The keyboard blocks shortcuts and it takes an extra step to access browsing history and bookmarks.

Can you make this as a option?

Related post I found on Reddit : Mozilla, please allow me to stop the keyboard from opening automatically on IOS 

Status changed to: New idea
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I have the same inconvenience on iOS. I think, it started a few versions ago and yes, i also have to tick the left arrow in the upper left corner, to access the bookmarks. An option to en/disable the keyboard on startup would be very nice indeed!

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Good idea. Ideally the keyboard should only show up if the user taps the URL bar.

Just tested Chrome and you get a nice new tab with no keyboard in the way (until you tap the input field)

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FYI I found an existing github thread here from april last year, it's still open:


I also updated the github with the suggestion here.

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I have the same issue with this feature.