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Making moves
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Since updated Firefox beta to version 104, a new icon will pop up on taskbar when I open a new private window. I find this very inconvenient. Is it possible to add an option to disable this icon and return to the original behavior before v104 without using about:config?

Status changed to: Trending idea
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Community Manager

Hey all,

Here with an update…

Your idea has received enough votes (kudos) and support here in the Mozilla Connect community to be upgraded to a “Trending idea.” This means it’s now one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey.

Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😃

-The Community Team

New member

Completely agree, and especially with vishal.

I have no need for an extra icon wasting space on my taskbar, and worse, because I use the WIN + 1 shortcut to cycle through Firefox windows, at first I actually thought my incognito windows kept crashing on me - because I could no longer cycle to them!

Also consider that a private window being shown on the taskbar is not very private, but rather the opposite - it's being highlighted instead of being discreet. Personally that's not a concern for me, but it very well may be for many others.

In fact, I have a really hard time envisioning who this change would benefit, to be honest.

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I also find the additional icon problematic for a number of reason.  I'll try disabling, but it shouldn't have been forced on users.

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I need the private windows to remain within the singular firefox taskbar application. You guys are out of touch if you do not understand the necessity for this. IN-PRIVATE browsing insinuates you want it to be PRIVATE i don't want a HUGE ICON on the BOTTOM OF MY SCREEN telling ANYONE WHO WALKS BY that I am using IN-PRIVATE BROWSING. I do NOT want them to see it. REMEDY THIS

Making moves
New member

What LinuxEnjoy said:

Hey, I really appreciate the possibility to share the Community Feedback

Regarding the topic at hand, I second all of the things said before me and wish to add my biggest issue with this change.

I do not want people to see at a glance of my desktop, whether i have a private tab open or not. At least not when it's minimized.

Oftentimes, I send screenshots or show someone my pc and don't want to hear "oh private tab, nice ;-)".

From my point of view, this will create even a bigger stigma about Private Mode. So less people will use a privacy feature because they don't want their coworkers to think that they are watching porn (there, i said the p word) at work.

Private mode isn't really private if anyone can see you got a private mode icon on your taskbar. It almost screams: There's a secret here, enquire about it! Not even meaning at work, but also at home, with my kids glancing at my screen and not needing to know which presents I am going to buy or which medical/fysical/mental health questions I have about them or myself.

Strollin' around

I wanted to add to my dissatisfaction with this change. But mostly, the fact that it does so *without permission from the user.* I was curious why all of a sudden, myself and a couple friends had the Private Browser pinned to our task bars, despite not remembering adding anything.

Well, I tested it on a fourth machine. Did the update, then Firefox opens a tab about the changes, which happens occasionally. And as usual, I simply hit the "x" on the tab, uninterested in the changes. I saw that it displayed a button with an option to "add Firefox to taskbar," which I didn't need because it already was. But despite closing this tab, *it did it automatically.* And now I have to go into about:config as a workaround to get rid of something that could most definitely be considered invasive, and that I not only didn't ask for, but explicitly did not click on the option that appears to enable it.

So if it's not a bug, why is there a button to "enable" something if it already enables it itself?

EDIT: [Video of it occurring on 4th, test machine.](

Making moves

@ELY013324I think you can simply "delete" this "Firefox private browsing" "program" in setting or control panel. It won't affect the real Firefox program. Sorry, I found out this doesn't work.

However, I found a way to "delete" the app in start menu:

1. Right click the "program" and go to more and click open file location.

2. Delete the "program" in file explorer

3. The "private browsing program" no longer show in file explorer

New member

I'm so glad someone already started a topic about this. I updated yesterday, and spent the last half hour searching for the option to revert this change without success.

I, too, hate the fact that Private Browsing now has a separate icon, for the fact that it occupies more space on the taskbar, but also because I often stream my screen on Discord with my friends, and I don't really want to advertise the fact that I have a Private Browsing window open, since that means just one thing 99% of the time.
That said, the fact that Private Browsing previews would show up when hovering the cursor over the taskbar icon, wasn't great either.

Making moves

(I combined my multiple replies into this 1 but I didn't see an option to delete my other pending replies. Please teach me if I'm just not seeing it, as I'm a Newbie here) 😁

I totally agree, cuz what's the point of being in private browsing mode if there's a big icon right there that says, "hey I'm in private browsing".

How many votes does it need to get implemented? Also, are the "Kudos" the votes? (Again...Newbie here) 😁

It's great that they're separate windows, it just needs a way to hide it from taskbar. The only problem I cam think of that would arise from hiding it from taskbar, would be how would we get back to that window, other than using "Alt+Tab" keyboard shortcut, which is not even a problem or inconvenience. I would definitely LOVE to see this idea implemented. I've used Firefox since it 1st came out in early 2000's.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for joining the conversation, @Iampickle!

  • Everything in the Ideas section of the community (new ideas posts/comments) is pre-moderated, so they take a little bit longer to appear.
  • No set number of votes required for implementation. The top-voted ideas are brought to their respective product teams on a regular basis for review—check out The Idea Journey 
  • Yes, "kudos" are votes.

Great questions and great feedback. The Product Team is also currently hosting a discussion thread on the new changes to private windows. Link here:

Private window changes in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback! 

Feel free to share your input there as well. We are excited to collaborate with the community 🙌

New member

I can see pros and cons to the separate window icon and can imagine many users will prefer the new change. So, to the product team, nice job.

For us nerds, I'd prefer an option, but if you're being nerdy then as long as the config option: "set browser.privateWindowSeparation.enabled to false" is supported, it seems that should be sufficient.  There might be a better way to advertise "looking for an option on firefox" so that users could find it, use it, and move on.

I'm also fine with an explicit option any user can set. Just not sure it's needed or worth the UI complexity (as someone already said).

New member

Thanks... Came here for the same solution... Just give us the option, please.

New member


Open about:config from the address bar

Look up browser.privateWindowSeparation.enabled and set it to false

This worked for me....Thank you



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Until recently, in the Windows taskbar, Firefox kept the normal and private browsing tabs within the same icon, in a balloon, where you could select between one window or another with their respective tabs.

Now private browsing has been separated from the Firefox icon as if it were independent and I didn't like that. So I suggest that it go back to the way it was before or at least that it can be chosen as an option for those who prefer to have the different windows grouped in the Firefox icon on the taskbar.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.