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Making moves
Status: New idea

Text highlighting is an essential function for composing emails. Thunderbird should incorporate this feature into its email client. Although add-ons like Textmarker can also do this, it is not very convenient to use and this feature should have been built-in into the email client. 


Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

Yes, having the ability to change color to the text but not to the background seems a bit half done. My guess is, that changed background color is easier to notice for color blind persons than changed text color, but that's only my guess.

New member

This is one feature that exists in almost every other email interface/compose window I’ve tried. Really missing it with Thunderbird and hope it can be added.

New member

I receive many emails each day and then tag important ones. However even among tagged emails I would like to be able to highlight the pertinent information so that returning to those portions of the email would be much quicker, much more efficient. Thanks.


Making moves

It is already possible, but not obvious and certainly not easy for the average user. It could be improved.

  • select some 'text'
  • Insert >HTML
  • opens a small HTML window
  • modify by surrounding the text with the 'mark' tag eg: <mark>'text'</mark>
  • click on 'Insert'


In addition
<mark>This is if you want to stabilize in Yellow</mark>

Other colors

Redaction -> Insert -> HTML

<mark>This is if you want to stabilize in Yellow</mark>
<span style=background-color:#00ff40>My green text</span>it's a test<span style=background-color:#ff0000>My red text</span>end of test.

But it's a laborious job