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Status: Delivered

Please, work with nVidia to add support for RTX Video Super Resolution in Firefox. Nearly 80% of internet bandwidth today is streaming video, and 90% of that content streams at 1080p or lower. Many of us use displays with resolutions higher than 1080p, and Firefox uses basic upscaling techniques, which result in final images that are soft or blurry. PC users also sit close to their screens, which makes the quality of upscaling even more noticeable, and is a good argument for a higher level of processing and refinement.

I prefer to use Firefox for everything I do, but I now feel torn because the difference is so noticeable, and I stream a great deal of video. Again, please, reach out to nVidia and work with them to implement support for RTX VSR. It really makes a difference, and would eliminate any inclination I might have to use a different browser for streaming video.

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On my 1440p monitor, super resolution only kicks in when watching youtube videos on 720p. Which is really strange considering that on chrome, it can upscale 1080p to 1440p.

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As of 117.01 this still doesn't work properly. For some reason it only works on Youtube itself, but not on alternative Youtube frontends, such as Invidious (in my case,

I'm not sure why it only works on Youtube. It SHOULD technically work on ANY website that plays videos.

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As far as I can see it still is not working in 118.0. Is anyone aware that it is even broken?

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this tech may converts me to Brave after alllll these years (over a decade for sure), PLEASE make it a some what priority not just an idea!!!

I tried it on both 118.0.2 and freshly installed 119.0 and in both I enabled these configs:


tried YouTube, Twitch and a few other video streaming websites, all work on Brave but not on both FF branches. my GPU is RTX 4060 ti.

I tried it on Brave for the first time today and it is ABSOLUTELY astonishing! the difference is crazy good on 4x scaling!


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Currently working sporadically for me in Windows 11.

It will seemingly work for a few videos, then stop working. Restarting Firefox usually fixes it, but it's no fun having to restart my browser so often.

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Today's Nvidia game ready driver includes the following patch note:

[Firefox Beta] Increased page file memory use when enabling RTX Video Super Resolution [4359080]

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Nvidia's game ready driver from today includes this patch note:

[Firefox Beta] Increased page file memory use when enabling RTX Video Super Resolution [4359080]

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V122 Nvidia VSR Doesn't seem to be working.
Dear Mozilla, please make it work, it is a deal breaker for me when choosing to use Firefox over any other chromium browser.

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There is also an update in RTX HDR in videos. Please support both options. I don't want to use chromium based web browsers.

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people still waiting

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Have been experimenting with the gfx.webrender.super-resolution.nvidia flag set to true.

There are noticable improvements of 1080P content upscaling with YouTube videos especially.  But the downside is a much higher power consumption.  So when this feature is officially rolled out to the wider audience I think it should be made clear that this mode is enabled and being utilised because it added about an extra 200W of power consumption with this enabled (RTX3090).  I sometimes have a video playing on another monitor so it is easy to forget about too.

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Take advantage of Nvidia RTX super resolution video and RTX video HDR improvements on Firefox

Hello everyone, is there any chance of having on Firefox one day what Nvidia offers on Edge and Google Chrome to take advantage of these RTX improvements?

I would like to use it on my favorite browser ^^

Thank you for your answers.


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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Blocking issue for me.

I have two monitors, the first is capable of 144 Hz but I've got it set to 120 Hz (technically 119.999 according to Windows). The second one is 60.000 Hz.

If I start Firefox in this configuration, about:support reports that direct compositing (DCOMP) is blocked, due to: Monitor refresh rate too high/mixed - Blocklisted; failure code NVIDIA_REFRESH_RATE_MIXED

If I set both monitors to 60 Hz before launching Firefox, then Video Super Resolution kicks in properly. In fact, I can set the first monitor back to 120 Hz and it continues working just fine... 😕

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It's broken again, good job.

Could be because of a new driver update, but it works everywhere else so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯