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Status: New idea

Right now, to clear website data and other cached content you have to go to tap on

Hamburger > Settings > scroll to locate and tap Data Management > Tap Clear Private Data > Then tap Website Data > Clear Website Data

To get back to using FF you have to tap

< Back (top left)

<Settings (top left)

Done (top right)


Adding the Erase (trash) button from Firefox Focus to clear all website and cached data for all tabs in the full featured FireFox Mobile browser would be very helpful. Users with multiple open tabs still want to 'clear' cached info after opening up a shared URL. With FF set as default browser in iOS, you have to do this every time users check and close a shared link to sites like FB, IG, LI, Google while keeping other tabs for future use (i.e. parked for later).

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

Introducing an option to replace the home button with a trash button would be useful. Currently, you must navigate through numerous settings to delete information or use the "clear on exit" feature, which necessitates quitting and restarting Firefox just to clear browser data.