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Making moves
Status: New idea

I had to stop using firefox because sometimes it is more convenient to have chatGPT more accessible in EDGE and I think that now that google has launched Bard, both browsers will have more users, it would be great if they could collaborate with Open IA and integrate chatGPT in firefox

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Also, a quick heads up...

Mozilla's Innovation Studio is hosting an exciting discussion thread on the topic of AI tools, chatbots, and more. Feel free to join and share your thoughts here:

Contribute to Mozilla's product thinking around AI tools & chatbots 

Hope to see ya there!

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Hi everyone, greetings!

This idea would be awesome. Firefox manages so good ChatGPT


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If Mozilla made their own Bard/ChatGPT alternative, hopefully the code/model would be entirely open-source as there aren't that many open-source AI chatbots. An Android app or integration into Firefox for Android would be useful as well.

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I just read this

"Mozilla plans to prominently feature a chatbot like Google’s Bard or OpenAI’s ChatGPT in Firefox to give users a more conversational web-search experience, Chief Product Officer Steve Teixeira said in an interview with The Information"

I have used Firefox almost from the beginning of my computer use - I used it because it was separate from Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. with supposedly increased privacy protection - the big tech companies have their fingers in the pie, or the eye, of AI

If you are now going to "introduce" a "chatbot" I will have to find a new browser - the more AI is introduced into a system, the more i wish to avoid it - there can be no guarantee of privacy once these AI systems get involved - as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - Firefox wasn't broke - leave it alone ...

You do realize that once you do that you will then be subject to "my AI is better then your AI" from search engine competitors and you will wind up being "left behind"  - your attraction for folks like me is that you, ostensibly, are separate from these guys - once you stick this "chatbot" in there you won't be -

If you become just another "chatbot", it'll be time for me to move on

Strollin' around


Making moves

I would have thought this would be more appropaite as a community extension/mod since openai isn't mozilla, and perhaps soon a superior chatbot would be available, and would be requested to be the default chatbot instead.

--But! It would be extremely awesome if the regular search function with search engines had a chatbot to further help you find a quality result! Especially when searching for a odd specific thing, because not even the most advanced google search can find you what you want. Having a smart AI to understand what you want and provide its list of what it thinks you want sounds like a dream.