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Making moves
Status: New idea

Hello, this is mainly an issue for visually impaired users, but is also an issue for all keyboard users.

if you open the cogntext menu of a downloading item in the downloads list, then there are options to pause and resume it.

However, the only way to cancel the item is to click a button on its right hand side. And if the download fails then the only way to retry it would once again require a mouse click of a right hand side button.

For a keyboard user there appears to be no straight forward way to either cancel or retry a failed download.

Hence it would be great if these options could be included in the context menus. Then they could be accessed by performing the keyboard equivalent of a right-click, i.e. pressing either the menu button, or shift+F10)

Another solution might be to make the cancel / retry buttons accessible by pressing the right arrow key while the item is selected.

But please do not make these buttons accessible by pressing the up and down arrows, as this would double the number of up and down key presses needed to get to items in the list.

Thank you for reading.

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Community Manager

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