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New member
Status: New idea

On mobile when you select to open a link in a new tab, you get a prompt at the bottom to switch to that tab.

On desktop there is a setting: "When you open a link, image or media in a new tab, switch to it immediately".

This setting on desktop Firefox would be very useful on Firefox mobile Android/iOS too.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

For some of us, the problem is that the Switch option is too short so it needs to be a settable parameter. This isn't just a preference but a need for those of us who (in the U.S., it's called Americans with Disabilities Act) cannot respond to the button and hit it properly to activate it before it disappears, because of medical reasons.

By making it a settable parameter, it can accommodate those wishing it were shorter or non-existent (timeout=0) and those of us who NEED it to be longer.

New member

The 'switch to new tab' delay could be designed to auto switch if delay is zero, i.e., the prompt never appears, thus meeting both needs.

Strollin' around

I would appreciate the ability to switch immediately to the new tab.

New member

The existing "switch to new tab" control turns your web browser into a video game.  You have about one second to hit it if you want to change Focus to the tab you just opened. Half the time, I don't make it.

If I use the context menu control "open in new tab", it should open the new page in a new tab which immediately receives the focus. That's how the desktop browser works, and it's what I always want if I open the page in a new tab.

The existing arrangement is aggravating and annoying.