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Status: New idea

Rather than having to go through social share accounts, and posting to a group of friends, how about a simple link to quickly share a web URL with specific friends, saving the hassle of copying the link, switching to email, creating an email, etc.? Instead, just a simple button to click and a drop-down menu of which friend to send it off to, with a subject line of "A Firefox link sent to you from ___"

Would save SO much time...

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Making moves

good idea i would use this a lot 

Making moves

Who is still using email to share links with friends? All the cool kids use Discord or other IM applications like WhatsApp and Telegram (for almost two decades now), definitely not email.

One benefit of IM is that, in order to share a link, you just need to copy it and paste it into your friend's chat window, then press enter. Most IM clients let you create groups too so you only need to send the link once.