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Status: New idea

Table view (classic view) has the possibility to quickly change read status, via the sort column for read status. (It is a green bullet that is on or off.) I use this very often to set my mails to read, sometimes to unread.

Anyway in the new card view I miss this features.

Would be good, if you added it there too.

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

YES. This and also the trash button. Basically anything that's available in tables, should also be available in cards. I would love to at least try out cards view, but without being able to have the options I need for productivity, it's not something I'd enjoy using.

Additionally, in tables, the unread indicator is a satisfying shade of green, or grey if read. In cards, if read, the indicator simply does not exist, and if unread, it's a very jarring yellow colour. If the unread indicator could be added to cards (and changed to green like in tables), along with the delete button, I would switch to cards view immediately. As of now however, it's a dealbreaker.