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I would really like to have a button that works exactly as the back button does, but opens the previous page in a new tab instead of leaving the current page.

More often than not, when I'm searching for something, I click on the first result. And often enough it comes quite close to what I'm looking for but it's not perfect. So, I'd like to go back to the search results to look for something better without leaving the current page.

As far as I'm aware, the easiest way to do this right now, is to clone the tab and only then go back. In my opinion, this is cumbersome, especially since it means one unnecessary page load.

Status changed to: New idea
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What would be the best way to distinguish between a regular Back and a Back in New Tab?

Two other thoughts:

What I do currently is:

  • right-click the Back button to drop down the recent tab history
  • Ctrl+click the page I want to open in a new tab

Some people set their search engine settings to open all the results links in a new tab (or new window, which Firefox diverts to a new tab). But if you only need to go back occasionally, that probably would be more frustrating than useful.

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@jscher2000I was just thinking that an additional button for this could (maybe optionally) be added next to the refresh button. That said, I'll admit that your solution comes really close to what I want, so much, that it is debatable if such a button is really needed. In fact, the ctrl-click option is even more powerful since it allows to open all pages from recent tab history in a new tab. Thank you very much for that solution!

Before I posted my idea, I did try to right-click on the Back button and again right-click on the history entry. I had hoped that would give me an option "open in new tab" (as I still believe it should). Instead Firefox then took me back to the selected page (as it would for a left-click). I'd like to think that I'm not the only one who doesn't/didn't know about the ctrl-click option.

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Try middle click on the back button. 😉