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Status: New idea

1. Atleast add system default dark mode option for web pages!

2. Add in-built Adblocker (no extension), I'm not asking you guys to add extensions. Just an in-built powerful add blocker will be sufficient.It's Firefox Focus, right? It should be free of ads, it should look clean.

Community Manager
Community Manager

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Making moves

  If you use Firefox then you have the add-ons dark reader and ublock origin. But for firefox focus you have none of them. But you have block options in firefox focus but with ublock origin you can block more. Adding inbuilt dark mode  for websites and ad blocker like in brave mobile is gonna cost much resources of the app. i think it's better to add dark reader and ublock origin because add-ons are lighter then inbuilt stuff. but people have asked before for add-ons in firefox focus and they said firefox focus  is for quickly and private browsing so it wasn't that necessary but maybe if enough people asked for it then it will happen. About the inbuilt ad blocker that will probably never happen because there was a post before that someone asked that mozilla needs to work togheter with the makers of ublock origin and make it inbuilt in firefox. But people said that that probably never happen because it will make problems with google. Google pays mozilla to make the google search engine standard. I don't know anymore the exact context but you can look it up in mozille connect.