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Status: New idea

ually impaired users depend on hi-con black and cannot see anything on a blinding white screen, it would be a great idea to display notifications in consideration of this necessary accessibility setting for blindness.
the white notification box in the lower right corner only blinds the visually impaired, and it should stay on screen more than 5 sec when have to read with pointer on magnifier.
but first the notifications would have to display in hi-con black instead of blinding white when the device is set to hi-con black.
and later versions of firefox should stop ignoring the color setting for links, because dark blue font on black bg is low contrast and thus not readable by visually impaired users, forced by mozilla to remain on older versions of the browser. some late versions of firefox even display the browser tools/options pages in white when set to hi-con black.
consideration toward blindness requires some intelligence.

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actually the idea starts with visually impaired..., not ually..., but having to copy and paste from wordpad for not finding any option here for font size, visually impaired have to edit text on wordpad, then copy/paste. sometimes missing part of the text when copy it, but apparently cannot correct unnoticed typos and such after posting an idea.



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so far i have not noticed any firefox notification in the lower right corner that could be read by visually impaired firefox users, who still depend on hi con setiing for blindness.
and if some genius mind can fix this -and other- year old outrageous discriminating browser issues, then maybe mozilla can avoid completely rebuilding firefox under consideration of basic essential requirements for accessibility.
btw, firefox was the only browser suitable for hi con setting since ie ignored font color setting for links several years earlier and cometbird/jondo became incompatible with websites, introducing this outrageous discriminating new feature of total ignorance toward accessibility for blindness with firefoxv68 or 69, combined with the blinding white options pages and the most annoying reminders of pending update for the browser, which surprisingly display si hi con black when os is set so, in contrary to those blinding white notification s in the lower right corner.
asides from changing frame size of notification boxes from 1 to 3, it would be also a great idea to provide an audio option for notifications by firefox, since vit like me cannot seen further than 5cm with cataract and thus cannot monitor the whole 10 inch netbook screen.
box or window frame at min size is not visible for me w/o magnifier, but no option found to adjust frame thickness or color.
a very thick white bar on hi con black blinds the viu, best example for such excesive stupidity and ignorance by coders is the google login page with w bold bars to the sides of the login field.
do not copy such dumbness.
on late firefox versions, the login page for hi5 and tagged displays with a bold white bar right under the login field, impossible for viu.
some later versions of firefox had the white options pages for borwser settings fixed, but it was reintroduced again, as i noticed by accidental updating firefox, and the font color setting for links remains ignored by firefox since v68 or so.
the essential font color setting for links seem beyond repair, once the software been completely messed up. not even monkeysoft reintroduced the essential accessibility setting for fojt color on hi con black, turning ie and edge into rubbish for viu.
those monkeysofties even turn search suggestions to black on white when put the pointer on for the failing attempt to read with werozoom, when the monkeysoft os is set to white font on black bg 😧
viu cannot read anything on white bg, that's why ms came up with hi con black setting for blindness decades ago.
so i suggest to mozilla, bury that fat old fox and start all over w/o allowing every alleged expert or monkey to make changes to the browser that discriminate visually impaired firefox users.
the browser becomes incompatible with websites over time when cannot update it due to ignorant and/or inconsiderate open source contributors who either never heard of blindness or aim to sabotage the browser.
when having to reinstall firefox v66 after an accidental or experimental update of the browser, i have to go back to v14 for the option to delete all saved junk data and changes made by the firefox update in order to get v66 back to function properly again, erasing all browser settings, bookmarks and saved logins.
many bookmarks of pages found by chance are lost forever after each update and downgrade of firefox, spending many hours to get the browser back to work in v66 after every unfortunate update.
access to some acct lost as well when saved pw been deleted in preparation to reinstall v66 or lower.
later versions of firefox won't even allow showing the saved pw for login, thus no way to salvage pw when have to reinstall v66 via v14 or so. install/ uninstall v14 to get v66 back to work.
hell, why not simply gass the visually impaired firefox users to prevent such ideas of reintroducing consideration toward accessibility?
in v14 there still was a nice x button on the
tab bar, turning red when put the pointer on it to close a tab.
later versions of firefox skipped this ease of access feature and even minimized the x in the tiny nutton to allow only the best of the best to close a tab.
apparently mozilla failed to keep morons and/or saboteurs off the open source.
nothing i could do to fix it, barely able to add an comment here via copy/paste from wordpad, typing on hi con black with font size 48.
when viu have to struggle using firefox, then fixing such issues is an impossinle task for any it-untrained viu. and i studied gardening, not programming, gone blind from poisoning. and i have to remain on win7 for various reasons. fixing these firefox issues must also consider older os.
viu on win7 cannot use apps, and cannot use mobile phones or touch screen for internet. do i have to explain why it's like that in order to get those issues fixed?
and i will not update my firefox unless been informed by mozilla that the most severe issues of font color setting for links and white options pages for browser settings have been fixed.