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Status: New idea

A suggestion for a feature that I would find nice: Use the ESC Key to close an email.  

Pushing the ESC key could close the currently viewed email and return one to view the inbox.

This would save me time.  (I am somewhat visually impaired and would like to be able to just keep my eyes fixed on my screen and not have to use my mouse.)

Of course, I know that I can just hit DELETE, and that takes me on to the next email; however, sometimes, I just want to quickly close an email that I would like to come back to a bit later.

Thanks for listening,

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Maybe ?
Click ≡ > Settings
Choose General.
Go to Reading & Display section.
Open messages in.
A new message window .

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Familiar face

The biggest issue with this idea is the Windows operating system has a defined use for the keystroke,  so it will consume the keystroke before it ever gets to Thunderbird.

Microsoft defines the function of the keystroke as ;


Cancel the current task

There is a shortcut for closing tabs, CTRL+W for Windows and Linus and ⌘ + w for mac users