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Making moves
Status: New idea

I am AMAZED (and IMPRESSED) by the number of tabs I can have open at any one time (or permanently!) on Firefox without it crashing, or the computer freezing through lack of memory.  As I type at the moment, I have at least 300 tabs open, and that is the usual state of my browser.  Any browser that can cope effectively with that is impressive - VERY impressive. 


But I have often thought how useful it would be if there was a slider bar immediately under the tabs which would (i) show how far along the row of open tabs I am at any given time, and (ii) make it possible to quickly move from one place along the row to another without having to repeatedly double-click the left or right arrow to get there.  A slider bar would enable quick transition to the general vicinity in the row of tabs and the arrows would allow location of the precise tab, once in that general vicinity.  I'm NOT suggesting that the slider bar should replace the left and right arrows.  There is a function for both, but the slider bar would be a more efficient way of traversing a long row of open tabs, and would also show where what you're looking at is in that row.

Has this been suggested before?  I'm surprised that a quick search seemed to indicate that it has not.

So, does anyone else think this would be a useful addition to an already excellent browser?

Making moves

Another thought:  a counter, either on the slider, or SOMEWHERE, that showed how many tabs are open at any one time, and/or the number of the active tab would also be interesting and at times very helpful.   😃 

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Sounds useful ... i would try it out, especially if the sliderbar had markings to destinguish the current position nicely.


It's a completely different tool, but the Tab Manager drop-down (from the List all tabs button after the + button) is handy for finding things because you can see much more of the page title. It would be fun if scrolling that list also scrolled the tab bar.