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Status: New idea

The android version of firefox should follow the "system" for its auto dark mode instead of following the "battery saver". Just like chrome and other chromium browsers do.

The major advantage this gives is that it allows even older android version users to experience auto dark mode, since there are ways for them to initiate system wide dark mode through 3rd party apps (like this one for example:

But since Firefox follows battery saver, this never works on android version lower than 10.

Therefore, I'd like to request the developers to implement the auto dark mode in firefox android to follow the system instead of the battery saver status.

New member

The current auto dark mode in Firefox for android follows battery saver settings, but a true auto dark mode should follow the system not the battery saver. Look at chrome and other apps for example.

This is really annoying because extensions like dark reader follow system but Firefox on the other hand follow battery saver which does not work.


I want dark mode to turn on at sunset not when I have my battery saver turned on!


Please fix this!

Status changed to: New idea
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I would like to see this as well considering it's a standard feature on all browsers, across all major operating systems, but Firefox to follow system settings regarding dark mode.