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Where/ How do i report Malicious site

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  🙂  This Most Likely isnt the Standard Protocol for Reporting Malicious Sites , but Im hoping that someone can point me in the right direction ,that you will read the situation in its entirety before coming to any conclusions.

I really would like to see in Browser settings a place that you could Specifically do exactly this. Report a Malicious site. I  dont consider  Mozilla Firefox to be a 2nd rate Browser , just because i stumbled onto something that i KNOW was bad. This  can happen to anyone at anytime , regardless of what Browser you are using , if you arent using antimalware protection while online .( and its happened to me a few times in the past & im sure it will probably happen again too ). It pops up most often when people are visiting bad sites , ( Porn or Cheater sites etc) Which i was doing neither , Im researching Baby Foods & Formula & the Toxins thats been coming up recently in them & thats pretty much what i was doing & i right cliicked the topic to open in a new tab , (there were several search results , so i had each 1 open in new tab)and then started checking each tab . I guess it was the 2nd one that i opened  up pops this cheezy ad that lookedd like a wannabe "Adobe Flash Player" that said i needed to download a flashplayer & i immediately knew i had hit a bad site & before i could even close the tab , it was blasting porn. Not just some mild whatever , but outright blast in the face stuff. that i wont try to describe any further . It was just all bad , ya know? It took me a couple minutes to recompose my thoughts & i thought WOW , what if that wouldve been 1 of my grandkids instead of me? I KNOW that this is a great Browser & Organization & know that Firefox would want to be aware of things like this ,So I looked in the settings of my Browser & yeah there was the places to send "Feedback" but i dont consider this to be just common "Feedback" & didnt feel like that was the proper place to let them know that this happened. So I looked in my browser  history & copied the url onto a "Wordpad" document & headed over to the "Virus Total" website , where you can submit a file or url to see if its malicious . I was just SURE  that it would come back as a bad site & then they would shut it down .. but much to my surprise .. it came back as clean . . . OK  well i just wish there was a specific setting that allowed for this type of thing . I dont consider it to be something that is a bug or gliche in the programming that they are expecting , when they are asking for feedback . i consider this to be something that bad people do , to cause misery onto others & should be reported every time it happens to someone & i really believe that Firefox would agree with me , so i hope to offer a suggestion that they could make it easier for a person to report something like this . I think this is the #1 Browser & hope i havent grumbled too much , Im hoping to upload a screenshot . anyway Thanks for reading !




Firefox's phishing and malware site protection uses lists from the SafeBrowsing project, which is managed by Google. You can submit a URL of a phishing page using the Help menu. Either:

  • menu button > Help > Report deceptive site...
  • (menu bar) Help > Report deceptive site...

That's mentioned in

Google also has a page for reporting malware or attack pages at