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Thunderbird eMail Collapse Group

Making moves

Using Thunderbird 115.0b1 (64-bit). In previous version collapsed grouped emails remained when switching to search, calendar, or other views. That is no longer the case. Every time I switch views and return to the emails, the collapsed groups expand.

How can we keep the email groups collapsed?


Making moves

@sonny0953 wrote:

How can we keep the email groups collapsed?

I'd like to know that too!
Most of my mail folders are grouped by sort order (date) and all groups are by default expanded when I switch to one of those folders. This happens with a new profile on TB 115.
OTOH, with a profile that was already in use with TB 102 and was "updated" to 115, the groups remain collapsed. I have skimmed through the advanced settings of both profiles but didn't find the one responsible for the different behavior.

So: how can we keep the email groups collapsed? 😉

Same problem here (115.0.1 (64-Bit)).

I already tried: deleting session.json, start without addons, new profile.

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Still no reply? The release just came to me via updates and I suffer the same issue. The grouping feature is gone. :<

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That's correct. Still no reply. I did, however, earn a High Five badge on Mozilla Connect!

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Has anybody any news about this error?

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I reverted to previous version.

I changed to it`s (and many other problems of TB) fixed there.

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Became member of this forum just for that. I really can not understand this is removed. It's a must have something to have. Reverting back to previous version because this is just not workable for me 😞

Making moves

In my Thunderbird 115 fresh reinstall (my 102 profile was too buggy) I had the same problem.

Discussions where always expanded in "Incoming emails" main folders (5 accounts), and always collapsed in sub folders.
It was very confusing to have two different behaviours.

An I just found that in the Display / Discussions menu, you can Expand all (* key) or Collapse all (/ key), and TB remembers this when I change folder and come back.

Now, what I'd like is for Thunderbird to remember expanded/collapsed discussions, one by one.
That would be perfect.

I just tested Betterbird 115.3.2 with a copy of my TB 115 profile, but it doesn't remember discussions collapsed state neither.