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Collapsible folder pane

Making moves

Mozilla, I previously made a monthly contribution in support of Thunderbird because it added value to my life.  But the Oct '23 update removed the option to collapse folders for unknown reasons (surely this wasn't intentional?) and I'm therefore withdrawing support.  In the previous version I could see all my mailboxes, with just the inbox expanded, which made seeing and navigating to new messages easy.  In the "upgraded" version, the folders are automatically expanded which means I can't see half of my accounts without scrolling, meaning I sometimes miss an email for several days.  I've googled for a solution and also searched this forum and it appears I am not alone in being frustrated by this.  I see that some people are reverting to an older version of Thunderbird and others switching to a different email client altogether.  I haven't yet decided which camp I'm in, but what I do know is that the current version is a step backward from what we had before!


Making moves

Please can we have a button to collapse all email accounts and folders.