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Firefox WAS Great - But lately, I'm afraid it will lose it's identiy

Making moves

The nice thing about FF for the last 15-20 years (I don't remember), was the stability and the Non Chrome or Edge or Safari or whatever features. I feel FF is superior to all of those.

Please keep it simple for those of us who like simple (i.e - blank home pages as an option), and stay try to true to the roots of the product.

I know others have different views on this issue. But, IMO, just because a feature CAN be added, perhaps it's not good for the core product and faithful users that got us here.

I'm just mentioning this, as we are getting frequent updates, and as a retired IT person, that scenario could indicate changes are being hurried.

Not looking for replies, just wanted to share!

Best to all Firefoxers

Mr. Zipp