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Thunderbird 115.2.2 feedback

Making moves


Sorry to say, but the new version is a no-go for us.

Our entire staff is disappointed, the new interface is terrible : Font change makes it really less readable, even the new filter bar is really wrong (location, etc).

We cannot of course downgrade to previous version without installing from scratch, this will simply be a farewell to Thunderbird.



Making moves

Agree. Impossible to read or scan.

Making moves

I agree - the new font makes things more difficult to read & the messages appear too close together. Moving the menu above the file menu bar is confusing & harder to use. Also, the way that messages are highlighted in the message list is inconsistent and makes it harder to navigate. I love Thunderbird, but this design update is a big mistake. At least allow us the option of reverting to the old visual design

Making moves

I totally agree with all of you!

So it's not my old-fashioned idea of design. 😉

My first impression was: simply ugly - hard to read - confusing!


As was to be expected, 115.2.3 does not bring any improvement either!

Making moves

Auch hier in good old Germany --> Bitte, bitte, bitte wieder das alte Design, sonst bekomme ich Augenkrebs oder wechsel zu Outlook. Danke

Making moves

Unbelievable to not provide us the option to keep our original fonts, spacing, background grey/white line spacing. And you make it so difficult to revert back to previous release.

Is it a deliberate ploy to force us to give up on Thunderbird?

Why oh why do you shove this down our throats like this? We no longer have our emails listing white/grey to break up this harsh white shouting at us.

Worst experience ever - definitely time to drop Thunderbird for good!

Making moves

My filters don't work anymore half of the time, or it filters the wrong way... and I won't say anything about slugginess...    very disappointed after so many years of use...

Making moves

I've been using Thunderbird for many years and have rarely been able to approve of the design adjustments. I'm an interface designer myself and I can only shake my head at such major design errors. At the moment it's a struggle to read and answer emails. As a die-hard typographic fan, the choices between line spacing and font size are horror! The position of the buttons is also anything but intuitive. I was able to get used to the previous design. I would be happy to have an option to restore the old design and not have to switch to another email program.

Making moves



Please ignore the following comment, see my reply below.

Thunderbird 115.2.3 came down with the updates for Linux Mint 21, and it's installation has been a MAJOR disaster. It has totally wiped my calendar - all upcoming events have been deleted! The person responsible for authorising the release of this software should be IMMEDIATELY booted from the Thunderbird project, and never allowed near it again! How the hell can you let something so fundamental go through unnoticed?

I'm sorry, I withdraw my previous comments. I found that (for whatever reason) I had the Mozilla PPA installed, but had forgotten all about it. I did not realise I was using beta-test software.

Making moves

Ya, there's a lot about it I don't like, but it's still the best email tool out there as far as I've seen. 

  • The unread count in every folder is annoying.  Bolding the folder name was always good enough.  That said, I can understand why some might like it, hence my issue - no way to turn it off.  Give us configuration options for changes like this.
  • What's with the persistent hot-key indicator in the search field?  If your change is so unintuitive that you need to place permanent instructions on the screen, you should rethink that change.  If you think this was such a great idea, then why don't you have permanent hot-keys all over the interface?  (Don't do this).  Again, how about a configuration option to remove the stupid thing.
  • I didn't have auto-update enabled, yet this got pushed out, which took me by surprise - which isn't a good state to be in when I'm just trying to use email.  Was that intentional?
  • I can't remember now what the previous list of emails looked like - were there alternating BG colors?  All I'm sure of now is that everything in my inbox and other folders looks very squished together.  Everything blends into one large amorphous blob.  I'm not sure what changed, but it wasn't a good one.

It may be the best email client out there, but why do I always have to spend so much time fixing it after the update. It has become a waste of time.

Sadly, this is the state of modern software deployment.  Gone are the days of decent release notes and well documented changes, which include the instructions on how to take advantage of the new features, should you decide to.  And welcome to the days of "Here's the update, with all of the new features already enabled for you! If you don't like them or they break how you work, good luck trying to figure out how to revert them, if we even let you!! " {insert evil laugh here}


I blame Microsoft and Apple for setting these new standards and everyone else for following them.

Best mail client is one that allows me to quickly scan mail, and process it.  Outlook has now taken the lead over Thunderbird for me.

Making moves

The new version is a nightmare. 👎

Making moves

A weird update, the 'density' can be changed to make it more readable but the Send/Receive icon is so so tiny and the weird placement of the search bar. Not seeing any improvements only negative changes.



Making moves

The filters menus don't fit on the screen, and they have no sliders to see beyond the screen.

So much wasted time because of new versions. Whoever approves of the update hasn't a clue

of what is going on.

Making moves

So many applications are making major interface disasters, just in the name of "modern". It's trash. I hate it.

Now excuse me, I have to go force downgrade Thunderbird and restore my profile from backup.

Making moves

Never thought I'd say this ... but this "update" may just make me switch to Outlook on my Windows machines. Most of the recent Outlook updates have gone in the right direction, and I already have Microsoft 365 for the family anyway.

Making moves

It's just awful. Been using Thunderbird for donkey's years but this release has user interface bugs which should never have made it past a test cycle:

1) Move an email which sits near the top of the inbox into a local folder and the cursor position in the inbox goes to the end of the inbox - which could be 100s of lines down and you have scroll all the way back up to where you were.

2) Email filters auto-filing incoming email in local folders now doesn't indicate that the local folder has unread email ... so you have to manually check all the local folders which could have new email to see if any do by opening all local folders and their sub-folders until you can see email contents. This completely nixes any benefits of filing via filters. Maybe OK in test suite when testing 1 or 2 filters and 1 or 2 local folders but not when there are dozens of filters in use for a big filing system.

3) "New Message" button is massive size and inconsiderate location. Only way to stop it looking silly is to remove the "New Message" button and start a new email with Ctrl-N.

4) Still present from other versions ... when composing in HTML default 'paste' action is 'formatted' and a context menu allows 'paste unformatted text' ... but there's no way to define what the preferred default paste format is, say via Settings/Compose. If 'unformatted' is your preferred format you'll find Thunderbird a very frustrating UI for pasting information into emails during HTML composition as you'll Ctrl-V to paste and then have to edit out all the auto-formatting put in or Ctrl-Z and then paste via the context menu instead.