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Firefox 122.0.1 (64-bit) - possible memory issues rendering graphics...

Making moves

i am a regular user of Firefox but am disappointed with this latest version as there is one site in particular that doesn't appear to be rendered correctly.

I am an avid puzzler and regularly use the puzzle sites at and all it's related pages (just click a puzzle type to load).

I am however finding that the rendering, particularly on and and are frequently flickering between the correct rendering and something else (not sure how to describe it!) but it makes completing the puzzles quite challenging indeed as for quite a bit of the time you cannot see properly what the current puzzle status really is e.g. trees/tents not displaying correctly, the solution grid is not showing properly, or lines are missing from the overall solution.

It doesn't appear to be a memory issue as it only happens with Firefox (Edge <spit!> renders correctly)

It would be great is a developer could take a look and resolve.