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The new options buttons in the Overflow menu slow down keyboard users

Making moves

Hello, after updating to FF108.0.1, most of the items in my Overflow menu now have a new options button on their right*.

Please allow an option to remove these new button so that only the items themselves are listed? As used to be the case in FF107 and earlier.

For keyboard users these new buttons can double the number of arrow / tab presses needed to navigate through the Overflow menu. For example, you used to be able to get to the fifth item by pressing the down arrow four times, whereas now you might need up to eight presses to get there, as you will have to get past any new options buttons on items 1 to 4, as well as the items themselves.

They are also seemingly unnecessary as they appear to show the same menu as the item itself's context menu. So as a keyboard user I would rather revert back to the old options button-free Overflow menu and save on the arrow presses.


* I think it is only the buttons for add-ons that have them.



I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it.

This seems to be in preparation for an upcoming split of built-in overflow items and add-ons, which will have their own dedicated menu. On that menu, the down arrow won't select the gear button, judging from how it seems to work in Firefox Developer Edition (based on the beta version of Firefox 109).

But for now, I can't think of a way to avoid this issue in Firefox 108.