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Text Rendering Instead of HTML

Making moves

Good day, this is an experience I have had frequently with Fire Fox, while visiting mainly one specific type of website, the browser displays the text version of the site instead of the ful HTML page. Many sites created with the open source wiki software Mediawiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia, will open with the FF browser this way, either displaying a brief view of the text then the HTML page appears, or on the first load it displays the text version indefinitely.

Please see this new wiki created with Mediawiki software and experience the page loading text only. Then visit the same page with other popular browsers such as Chrome, and the page loads the HTML page immediately.

And directions or fix suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Making moves

Well, this moment at least, the server is experiencing difficulties, unrelated to the issue of text rendering instead of HTML. Please revisit the website later to see the issue I am seeing, thank you 🙂