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TB taskbar icon unread indicator doesn't automatically update when all messages are read.

Making moves

I get a little red number on my taskbar TB icon when unread messages are available in my inbox. When I have read them all and none in my inbox are in bold typeface I expect the TB icon to lose the unread messages indication. It does not. If I switch to a different mailbox it does then lose the indicator.

What am I missing here? Shouldn't the unread indicator disappear as soon as I have read all my unread messages?



Making moves

I agree.  I also posted about this.  Not a huge deal for me as I don't have TB check for new messages periodically, so I know to ignore.  But this really makes my OCD rash flare up.  🙂

Making moves

Yeah. Trivial bug. Just thought someone who fiddles with this stuff might conjure up a fix.

Somehow it's the little things that give me hives.