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Supernova, Thunderbird 115: Regressions reducing mail space for small window

Making moves


I use Thunderbird in a tiling setup, as such the window is rather small, and 115B3 has as a few regression on  this aspects, making the mail content view extremely small:

  • In 115B3, the top search bar takes vertical space, and cannot be disabled. The previous versions had more customization options, and I used to put these on the tab bar instead of a dedicated bar.
  • In 115B3, the mail view is now limited to half of the window size, which vastly reduces the space allocated to viewing the mail (due to the header pane)
  • In 115B3, the header pan's headers dedicate the whole upper part to button, header information used to start from the top, which saves an extra line.

Other improvements:

* Making the header view collapse would vastly increase the mail view space, adding a button to collapse it while reading mail would be welcome.

Overall, great work on the new interface, just make sure there is no functional regression. 🙂