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Suggestion for notifications on Thunderbird launch

Making moves

OS: Windows 11 - 22H2
TB Ver: 102.11.0 (64-bit)

I turn my computer off nightly, and start it up when I get home from work. TB is set to launch when my computer starts.

During the time when I'm offline, I get anywhere from 10-100 emails. When Thunderbird launches, it gives me a visual, and audio notification for each individual message, until email is done being checked.

I get why this might be (cuz it notifies for each message as they come in normally), but on launch I think it should wait, and do a single notification along the lines of "Thunderbird has new emails." once emails are done being checked the first time.

Sometimes, I get so annoyed, I either mute my volume, or just exit TB all together, and turning off the notifications isn't an option, because I rely on them to know when I have emails.