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Save to Pdf option in menu

Making moves

A feature which all browsers have is save to pdf in the file menu. This would be helpful to provide consistent pdfs across all platforms. Relying on the os pdf printer creates inconsistencies when using other platforms



Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux has a PDF converter built into the print overlay. In the upper right corner, change the "Destination" to "Save to PDF" to convert the page to PDF. This usually gives a better result than sending a bitmap of the page to an external PDF printer driver, but some glitches still are possible.


Making moves

It would be especially usefull, as on macOS 13.2 and FF 110.0.1 saveing into PDF using OS printer with "system dialog" printing no longer takes the title of the page as file name. I get "Ohne Titel" as fixed file name in German locale. Maybe a bug? Saving through FF print dialog works as expected, thanks @jscher2000 but it has less options (layout, pagination)