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Remove the "Recommmended" status for the add-on "I don't care about cookies"

Making moves

The add-on "I don't care about cookies" by Kiki (Daniel Kladnik) was sold to Avast (about a month ago AIUI). I don't trust Avast as far as user data is concerned and especially not since the add-on can "Access your data for all web sites". The add-on clearly needs that high level of access to be able to function properly, but a company like Avast having that level of access? No, not for me thanks. I've since removed "I don't care about cookies" and installed the fork "I still don't care about cookies".

The add-on "I don't care about cookies" no longer deserves the "Recommended" status imo. In fact, I'd like to see the add-on completely removed from the Firefox add-ons page at: