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Thunderbird is hard to use

Making moves
We used Foxmail(FM) for many years. But our headquarters asked us to use Thunderbird(TB) few days ago. Many of us found TB is hard to use: 1. No sys tray after closing Thunderbird. FM will keep a sys tray in the taskbar after closing its window. So the user can re-open FM easily. And FM will auto-download new emails in background. This will keep the user updated to the new emails. After closing the window of TB, the user will have nothing and no new emails will be auto-downloaded in background. If the user wants to re-open TB, he has to find the icon on the desktop. It seems that TB wants to make the user to miss new emails.  2. When replying an email, TB will start the reply below the quote by default. This is amazing because the receiver could not find our reply in the email edited by TB! Our client said that we replied nothing to them! The setting of this function is not in the common setting but in the "settings>account settings>composition & addressing>composition" ! A user should not become an expert of setting. But TB wants every user to became an expert.